Thursday, August 27, 2015

Reconnecting with you

When do you feel most yourself? Is there something that you do or someone you spend your time with such that you become utterly un-self conscious?  Maybe you lose yourself in music, doing artwork, exercising, volunteering, or playing games. Maybe you have a friend or a spouse who sees you as you are and encourages you in being yourself. What did you enjoy doing as a child? Can you recall someone from your childhood who made you feel loved and safe?

 It seems so much of our time is spent meeting obligations and trying to be some vision of ourselves that we think we ought to be that we often end up losing our true senses of self. I wonder what would happen if you engaged in an activity that you used to love or made time to be with someone with whom you feel safe and accepted? If we connect with and listen to ourselves, we can make better decisions and we have more confidence to do what we need to do.  Give yourself a break and spend some time being with you.

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