Thursday, June 2, 2016

Well, now that I've said it...

Have you ever made a statement that you believed but then the world/fate/whatever called upon you to uphold it? This has been true for me.  I published a very optimistic post about the power of not being perfect last week, and this week I seem determined to prove the point.

So, I had a new client scheduled yesterday.  I have been excited to meet her, and I think we'll be a good fit. And... I misremembered the time and completely missed the appointment. **Sigh** I spoke to her briefly and apologized profusely, but I felt terrible. I don't like to start a therapeutic relationship (or any other) that way, and I want her to understand she is worth more than that.  She seemed happy to reschedule, and I hope I get the opportunity to meet with her. But... I was human and imperfect. She was gracious and thoughtful, but she had every right to walk away and not come back.  Despite my error, I found grace.

Then, this afternoon, I was leaving my office and I was heading to my car. I was looking at my phone trying to figure out my next step when... I tripped up some cement steps. I can't say for sure if it was because I wasn't paying attention, if it was the heels I was wearing, or... One minute I'm walking, and the next I'm seeing cement come up at me in a hurry.  Fortunately, I wasn't badly hurt. I skinned my knee through my pants and got a knot on my shin, but I mostly bruised my dignity.  Others might have laughed at me, but that was not my experience.  The first person who came up to me mentioned that she had fallen before and I shouldn't be embarrassed. She helped me gather my things.  Five or six others came by, none of whom I knew, and each of them asked if I was all right or if I needed help.

It's amazing the grace I've found in the last couple of days despite issues I could have avoided if I'd been paying more attention.  So, I've learned two lessons: one is a valuable lesson in mindfulness -- if I check my calendar and watch where I'm walking, I will have an easier life. The other is that I can find grace and forgiveness even when I'm not mindful the way I ought to be. I am thankful for the grace that others have given me this week.

I hope that you can find grace in your life in your rough patches.  If you need some help finding that grace, I hope you'll find me.